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So what the heck is a fan club anyways? A fan club is a personalized web page that features photo and video content uploaded by a model that a user can subscribe monthly to. There are five sections to each fan club: Photos, Videos, Shows, Diaries, and Store. Not all sections are mandatory. Models can update it as often as they’d like and price it how they see fit. Models may also sell individual photo sets and / or videos to users who are not subscribers and may just want to purchase that one piece of content.

Here are some examples of some of our more successful fan clubs (click to open in new browser tab)…

Monique Desire

Natasha Adams

Barbara Belize

Still not sure if a fan club is for you? Here’s a short FAQ that might help you decide…

Do I need to be a webcam model to have a fan club? No, anyone can run a fan club even if you’re not a webcam model for us. The only thing you’d be missing out on is the Shows section which automatically records previous shows with clients that you can then update in your fan club.

What percent do models get? Our percentage structure is based on a Cam Score with the highest possible cam score of 70% (80% with referrals). A Cam Score is determined on participation in the website and online hours. If you do not cam for us then we give models a fixed percentage based on social media presence and popularity. If you’re reading this and considering starting a fan club, mention this article on our application page, and we will start you out at 70% for three months!

How much money can I make from this? I cringe every time I get asked this question. This all depends on multiple factors that I can not predict (popularity, effort, pricing, etc.). I can say that if you put in the effort you will make thousands per month on just the fan club alone, especially with a social media following. I know that’s very general, but it’s so hard to predict potential earnings on a new model. I will say that if you already have a following, it will help immensely.

Can I block friends and family from seeing it? Yes, you can block individuals, cities, states, or entire countries if you’d like.

Do I have to be nude? No, you can be as clothed as you’d like. Nudity is not mandatory at all.

What do models sell in the store section? Intangible items such as custom videos or photo sets, Snapchat subscriptions, fan signs, etc.

How often should a fan club be updated? I’d strongly suggest you update it at least once per week to keep your subscribers on a monthly basis.

We’ve recently redesigned the fan clubs and made them mobile responsive so users can subscribe from any device / platform.

If this is something you’re considering as a model, first fill out a modeling application so we have your info on file and can get you started, then please email me (steve[at] I will walk you through the setup process and help you with promo.

For more information about our company, please visit To promote our fan clubs please visit

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