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How much does a webcam model make?

I get asked this question all the time. And the answer is always…it depends. I know, it’s a shitty answer (pardon my French). But here’s the thing, I’ve seen models that I thought would do amazing, fail. And I’ve seen models that I thought wouldn’t last long, become some of our most popular. How does that happen? What’s the key to success in webcam modeling? Effort and intelligence. Ok yes, I’d be lying if I said appearance doesn’t play a role, but like anything the harder (and smarter) you work at this gig, the more money you’ll make.

So, without further ado, I’ve decided to rack my brain to think of every little thing I could think of to help you make the most money while you’re here. Some models have pitched in some ideas as well. Keep in mind this post is geared toward our female models but male models should be able to benefit from it as well.

Social Media

If you’re not using Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, Periscope, etc. to your advantage, then you’re at a disadvantage. Those are the five social networks that we’ve found most useful in this industry. There are obviously guidelines you have to follow on each network. Not all of them are adult-friendly. Check out our last post to find out what you’re allowed to post on social media.

Now that you know what to post, here are some tools that will help you become more successful at social media…

GRAMBLR – Schedule your Instagram updates.

HootSuite – Manage and schedule your Twitter and other social media updates.

MavSocial – MavSocial is an alternative social media manager/scheduler similar to HootSuite.

2Hot4FB – Make money while sharing your photos to Facebook.

Instagress – Grow your Instagram following by running an automated script to like, follow, comment, etc.

ShoutoutPost – Trade shoutouts with other users on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.

And don’t forget, if you take over the CamWithHer Snapchat and/or Periscope accounts, not only will you be able to promote yourself in a big way, but your cam score percentage will increase. It’s a win, win!

Fan Clubs, On Demand Content, and Online Stores

Why not make money while you’re not on cam? Starting a fan club is easy and it’s a great way to make money while you’re offline. If you’re not familiar with our fan clubs, they are subscription based and feature content that you upload. It’s like having a mini member website that fans can subscribe to monthly.

Each fan club is made up of some or all of the following: photo sets, videos, archived shows, diaries, and store items. You can upload as much or as little as you’d like, however successful fan clubs are typically updated at least once per week.

When uploading content to your fan club, you can choose to also individually price your content in our on demand areas where customers can purchase that content for a one time fee. It’s a simple step that can potentially earn you quite a bit more money when uploading content.

Inside each fan club is a store section where you can sell anything intangible. Some examples of store items that models sell are custom photo sets, videos, Snapchat subscriptions, fan signs, etc.

Participate in CamWithHer

What I mean by this is use the tools we give you at CamWithHer and get an increase to your cam score while doing it…

CamWithHer Forum – Mingle with other cam models and CWH users.

CamWithHer Blog – Are you a good writer? Keep your fans intrigued with you by making a post on our blog. Don’t forget to add photos (they always help).

CamWithHer Clips – Each clip gets thousands of views and is a great way to promote yourself to your fans.

CamWithHer Girls – Want a cool feature on the CamWithHer Girls section? Are you willing to answer some questions in an interview? Contact Steve to set something up.

CamWithHer Cam Feed – Besides the main cams page, the cam feed is our most viewed page on CamWithHer and we use the photos on our social media accounts so they get tons of exposure. Post on our cam feed before or during your cam sessions to get maximum exposure.

My Customers

Did you know in your my customers section inside of SNRModels you can send a message to every customer that favorited you? Yeah, it’s a neat trick that you may not have noticed. You’re allowed to send one message every 10 days (we don’t want girls spamming customers). Use it to your advantage. Tell customers if you are running a promotion or have something special going on. A sexy theme night perhaps? Let people know about it!

Free Video

Our network is one of the only cam networks that doesn’t make free video mandatory while you’re online. It’s an option on our network and we recommend using it to your advantage. Here’s what one of our most popular models, Alexandra Steele, said on the subject: “For me, it gives me a chance to talk with the guys, and for them to see if we have anything in common, which translates to shows, in most cases. Yeah, you’ll get lurkers, but they’ll be there either way and jack off to your pictures. I don’t try to get too sexy (unless guys are tipping) in free chat, but I do let them get to know me a little! It seems to work favorably.” Not to mention, if you’re in free video for 20 hours or more, your cam score percentage will increase 2%.

CamWithHer Member Shows

Our models get the most creative in the CamWithHer member shows and it’s great! Typically a model will try to pick a theme, usually based on a holiday or time of year (but could be anything really). Not only are the shows creative and fun, but we pay models $100 plus tips for an hours worth of work. Oh yeah, and if you go topless for at least five minutes of your show, there’s another $25 on top of that. Our members are typically big spenders as well, so it’s a great way to meet some of our best customers and really get to know them.

Be Personable

Do like the song says and “let it shine” (like this little light of mine)! Yeah! That was corny I know, but seriously, show off your personality. Be upbeat and positive. No one likes a Debbie Downer. You’d be surprised what a little positivity can do to someone’s day.

In the words of successful model, Alexandra Steele, “The more you can converse with a customer, the more apt he is to get a show with you. And I’m not talking just the guys with $ in their account. Lots will try and test you by coming in with little or nothing. You can weed out the guys that come in day in and day out pretty easily within a few days. Give them the time of day at first, and if you find after a few days, they still aren’t biting, well then, you needn’t put all of your time into them. But you never know who will end up being your big spender, you know? And when guys are having fun with you, they want more and more. It’s just the way it is! So have fun doing what you do!”

Appearance is EVERYTHING

Not just your physical appearance, but your webcam quality, and keeping your webcam environment clean, well lit, and appealing to the eye is very important. Check out our webcam model tips post for helpful information on a webcam model’s appearance.


Use the forums below (who love models to post btw) and share some pics every now and then. After you sign up, contact me and I can get you a special model account….ooooo fancy!


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