Mega.Fans Fan Clubs Pre-Launch Info

As some of you may know, we’re gearing up to launch, a fan club and on demand focused community. Our goal is to feature and bring more exposure to content that is uploaded from our models since live cams steal the spotlight on our other websites. To accomplish this, we are planning to roll out a new marketing strategy targeting high profile influencers on social media with a minimum of 300K followers. We are offering these influencers 85% to create a fan club and/or upload on demand content (and cam if they want to). We can afford to payout such a high percentage for two reasons. The first is because we use a different billing solution that saves us money. The second is because affiliates (people that refer us traffic in return for a cut of the profits) are not included in the percentage breakdown since the influencers are the traffic source. With the added exposure, our current models who have established fan clubs and on demand content, should see a significant boost in sales. is currently in pre-launch, meaning the site is live and working but not officially launched. The site will officially launch after some minor adjustments and after we have about ten established influencers ready to roll.

If you’re a current model with SNR Productions who wishes to take advantage of the high percentage and you meet the follower requirements, please contact Steve. If you’re a current model who knows someone who fits the criteria, you may use your model referral link to refer them to¬†and earn 5% of everything they make (for life). If you’re not yet a model for us and you fit the criteria, please apply to start a fan club today!




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