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For the most part, these tips go for both camgirls and camguys. These are the basics for new webcam models but are a good reminder for seasoned vets as well.

ENVIRONMENT – Make sure your home or studio environment is clean and looks appealing to viewers. No one wants to see a messy or chaotic room.

PERSONAL APPEARANCE – Remember you are selling your appearance, so make sure you maintain it. It is very important to stay in shape and workout regularly. If you’re a camgirl, always wear makeup and have your hair and nails done. So often I see webcam models who look like they just got out of bed and this will absolutely kill the fantasy for the customer. Customers will not keep coming back to someone who is not well kept.

POSITIVITY – Always keep smiling and be positive even when rude customers come in your chat room. Keep in mind if you argue with one client, it is visible to all users in your chat room. If there is a problem user, just kick and/or ban that particular user and stay positive. Never be rude. Moods are contagious and customers are drawn to positivity.


LIGHTING – Since you’ve spent the time to make your room and yourself look great (and you stayed positive through all those ornery customers), why not show it off in the best possible way? Webcam software is very sensitive to light. It is very important to keep bright lighting to keep the speed of video fast and smooth. Yes, lighting does in fact affect your frame rate. If your room is dark, your webcam spends more time to take each frame of video. Your FPS (frame per second) rate would then diminish and the quality of your video feed will become grainy and slow.

Colors are more natural with good lighting. Bright light makes colors smooth and dark color makes them “noisy”. Video encoding of smooth colors is faster and takes less bandwidth. Once you get online, pay close attention to your video quality. Make sure there is no flickering. If you notice your video feed flicker, it may surprisingly be due to the frequency of your light bulbs. Try to switch between a 50Hz to a 60Hz frequency bulb. Check your video feed from a customer standpoint and pay attention to your customer’s feedback.

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