8 Tips for Premium Snapchat Models

Snapchat is a powerful tool with the highest call to action rate of any other social network. If done right, you can grow your follower base extremely quickly and easily convert those users to paying customers. Here, we reveal Snapchat tips that are highly recommended to grow your view count. These are powerful tools to grow your following and convert users that range from a few not-so-easy-to-find settings to some subtle new features.

If you’re completely new to Snapchat and have no idea what the heck you’re doing (don’t feel bad…it is one of the most complicated out there), first check out this YouTube tutorial and then this one. If you’d like to start your own Premium Snapchat account, start a fan club, or earn extra cash on webcam, fill out our quick modeling application.

#1 Take advantage of the new Snapchat linking tool!

Did you know Snapchat now allows users to link any website of their choice?! You can create a swipe up call to action to send people directly to any URL! Simply edit your media, select the link button, and type in a landing URL such as your website, fan club, cam page, etc. We recommend you add a URL to at least one image or video in a takeover or post series on your own account. It’s also recommended that you tell users to swipe up to access the link.

#2 Create a QR Snapcode to easily direct your followers to your website, fan club, premium purchase, etc.

The QR Snapcode is a powerful alternative way for you to promote your website. You should take advantage of the QR Snapcode on Snapchat so that your followers can effortlessly find and go to your website, chat room, fan club, etc. It seamlessly links to any URL that can open inside Snapchat when your followers scan it. Another nice perk is that you can see the screenshot stats in your story so you know roughly how many people viewed your URL.

This feature is simple to use. To create a QR Snapcode, open “Settings” and click on “Create Snapcode.” Enter the URL of the website you want them to go to, add an enticing image, resize the image to fit the Snapchat ghost logo, and save it for use.

#3 Use your QR Snapcode as a sticker on any Snap

After creating your QR Snapcode, make full use of it by sticking it on all the Snaps you share. You can easily turn your Snapcode into an accessible sticker that you can post instantly with any Snap.

To turn the QR Snapcode into a sticker, go to the “Memories” part of Snapchat. This is the option that lets you access your phone’s gallery where the QR Snapcode is saved. Next, edit the image and tap the scissor icon and create an outline where you want the sticker to appear on the Snap. You don’t need to be exact as the software will automatically cut the Snapcode perfectly. It will then automatically store itself for later use. Whenever you need to attach the QR Snapcode on your Snaps, just click the “Emoji” tool and choose the sticker. You can move and resize the sticker whenever you post a Snap.

#4 Take advantage of the “Quick Add” feature

The “Quick Add” feature lets you add other Snapchat users quickly if you have mutual connections. The people you will see on “Quick Add” are Snapchat users who you have mutual friends with or who have their numbers saved on your device.

To use this feature, you need to turn it on first. Open “Settings” and click on “Quick Add.” There, you can toggle the button to turn “Quick Add” on and off.

Once the feature is turned on, you can now start adding Snapchat users. Swipe down on the user screen and select “Add Friends.” Snapchat will list down friend suggestions so just click the “Add” button beside the name of the users you want to add. With the feature turned on, other users can also quickly find you since Snapchat will also suggest you to them.

#5 Have a backup Snapchat account

As a safety precaution, it is a must that you have a backup Snapchat account. Sometimes Snapchat deletes user accounts for reasons they don’t reveal so it is risky to have just one account.

You should also grow your backup Snapchat account like your regular account. It is smart to shout out your backup account once a day but never hard sell it by saying “follow my backup Snapchat.” You can also post a QR Snapcode for it as if you were doing an SFS (shout for shout out).

An important trick in having a back-up Snapchat is to create and maintain it on a separate device. If you use the same device as the old account they deleted, they will most likely find it and delete it too. Moreover, never use the same information like e-mail and phone number for your backup Snapchat account because it poses the risk of being deleted as well.

#6 Warning on “premium” promoting

When doing premium promotions on Snapchat, it is important to choose your words wisely. Never use the word “premium” as it poses a high risk of getting flagged, which can result to getting your account deleted. A workaround for this is to use words like “VIP,” “exclusive,” “private,” or “secret” Snap.

It pays to be careful when posting Snaps to avoid your account from getting deleted and totally shut down. You can post sexy Snaps but make sure to keep it “safe for work” (SFW). You can tease but don’t push the envelope too far. Also, you can hint at your premium followers for upcoming premium content but never mention the word “premium” on the Snap to avoid getting flagged. 

#7 Do Snapchat takeovers and shares

It is highly recommended that you do Snapchat takeovers with your friends who also have influential accounts because it helps grow and maintain views on your public account. A takeover is when a user logs in to another user’s Snapchat account and adds to their story. Usually the user taking over the account will post their Snapcode or username at the end inviting users to add them as well. Conducting frequent Snapchat takeovers allows you to rapidly grow your following. 

It is also highly recommended to do regular shares (or shoutouts)  to network with other influential Snapchat users. A share is when two users post each other’s Snapcode. This is also a great way to grow your view count.

It’s easy to find other Snapchatters who want to share or let you takeover their accounts. If you see anyone promoting their Snapchat, message them to see if they want to share or accept takeovers. You’d be surprised at the amount of users who are doing this already. There’s also a new site called ShoutoutPost.com that allows the free exchange of shoutouts on all of the major social networks (including Snapchat).

#8 Post throwback content

In addition to posting real-time Snaps regularly, you can also post throwback content like from a show you had in the past or behind-the-scenes (BTS) footage from an old event. Always make sure to save content on your device even if you are not going to post it yet. This way, even if it is a slow content day or nothing spectacular is happening, you can still promote on your Snapchat account using clips from your old shows. This can also keep your new subscribers interested.




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